The Process

My approach to counselling is related to postmodern and social constructionist theory, and to therapies such as collaborative and relational therapy, narrative therapy and abandon corporel.

Counselling provides the setting for an intimate encounter between a professional and client, whether an individual, couple, or group. We enter an investigative process as one human being meeting another, and we strive to make room for what is present in the moment.

Through intimate conversation, we strive to understand issues and dilemmas in their real life context, and try to make sense of them. Understanding what is at play opens the door to reorienting ourselves, and to changing the way we relate to the issue, to ourselves, to others and to life. Making sense of our issues helps us find ways to move forward.

Through counselling, we can understand our problems and find ways to deal with them. Counselling is a process of transformation, and a journey which leads to a better connection with oneself, with others and with our environment.

Rates start at $125.